Connecting With Audiences, Connecting The Dots

A colorful raconteur and thought-provoking speaker.

Bob is known for his engaging wit and extensive knowledge in a broad range of subject areas.

He pushes buttons. He challenges conventional thinking. He asks you to see beyond the obvious. He tailors his talks to the interests of his audience, delighting them with his unique speaking style and warm personality. Whatever the specific topic—from the millennial workforce to the mortgage industry—they come away with a better understanding of how to think like a futurist and the importance of visionary thinking in today’s challenging competitive environment.

Thinking Long Term

Patterns and Trends

What Do You Care?


Popular topics.

Bob is well versed on a number of topics and industries, including by not limited to the following, and can tailor any talk to the issues you would like to address.
  • Thinking like a futurist
  • It’s hard to read the label when you are inside the bottle
  • How science fiction sees the future
  • How DNA analysis will tailor cures for illnesses
  • The trends to the cities and why
  • The future of belief
  • The future of religion
  • The future of women
  • The future of food
  • The future of money
  • The future of new water

Live • Virtual • Casual • Small Group • Keynote • Panel

Live • Virtual • Casual
• Small Group • Keynote • Panel

Select past speaking engagements.

  • Why Do We Shop? The Future of Shopping Centers—Women’s Court & Civic Conference
  • Moving Mountains – How Small Foundations Can Make a Difference—Women’s Court & Civic Conference
  • There Ain’t Nothing Like a Dame – The Future of Women in Business—TEMPO, a professional women’s organization
  • It’s Hard to Read the Label When You’re Inside the Bottle—World Future Society
  • It’s Hard to Read the Label When You’re Inside the Bottle—MARTS, an organization of professional warehouse managers
  • The Future of Investing & Banking—World Future Society
  • The Future of Financial Service (Prediction of the Sub-Prime Crisis)—World Future Society
  • The Future of Combating Terrorism: Problems & Solutions—World Future Society
  • The Future of Religion—World Future Society
  • The Future of Belief – How Science & Technology Change How We Believe—World Future Society
  • Basic & Advanced Training for Treasurers—NATRI (National Association for Treasurers of Religious Orders)
  • Three Trends to Influence the Future—FEI (Financial Executives International) Presentation
  • The Future of Urban Wildlife Management—World Future Society
  • The Future of Conventionally Insured Mortgage-Backed Bonds and a Warning (Of Borrowing Money Short but Loaning It Long)—Mortgage Bankers, S&L, and Mutual Savings Bank organizations

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