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Bob has published hundreds of blogs, articles and other content on topics ranging from mortgages to microelectromechanical systems to mental health. His articles, which have appeared in numerous publications such as American Banker, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, S&L News, Small Business Times, are rich with anecdotes, humor and his unique take on today’s most relevant issues and what they will mean for tomorrow. Always inspiring and never dull, his work reflects his inimitable wit and engaging approach to reading the future. If you‘d like to hear Bob in person and have him talk at your next function, contact [email protected].

Topical Articles • Guest Writer • Blogs • White Papers • Speeches

Topical Articles • Guest Writer • Blogs • White Papers • Speeches

Hundreds of articles, one focus: helping readers think like a futurist.

  • Opinion | Israel’s actions breed a stronger resistance —The Capital Times
  • Opinion | Voter turnout key to future of Israeli democracy—The Capital Times
  • Worker Shortage Isn’t Going Away Soon, But There Are Ways to Deal with It—The Capital Times
  • We’re on the Cusp of a More Accepting Society—The Capital Times
  • Labor Shortages Can Be Tackled Through Training & Immigration—The Capital Times
  • Our Changing Consumer Habits—BizTimes
  • The Right Way to Gather Intelligence – “Seek The Truth,” Not Information That Supports Your Viewpoint—BizTimes
  • 6 Business Trends that Will Shape 2017, Interview with Steve Jagler—Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • We Will Come Together—Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Common Sense is Not So Common—BizTimes
  • Respect & Acceptance—BizTimes
  • Work Together to Reduce Unwanted Pregnancies—Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Milwaukee Futurist Predicted Subprime Collapse, Interview with BizTimes staff—BizTimes
  • How to Combat Terrorism—BizTimes
  • Unintended Consequences of Labor Department’s Fiduciary Rule—Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Severe Polarization in U.S. Could End in 5-7 Years—BizTimes
  • Banking Industry is on Course for “next collapse,”—Small Business Times
  • Women Will Rule the Corporate World, Interview with Steve Jagler—BizTimes
  • The Joyless Recovery, Interview with Steve Jagler—BizTimes
  • The Banking Industry Has a Problem—Small Business Times
  • Futurist Forecast: Tomorrow Is Promised to No One—BizTimes
  • Finding Answers at Mental Health Complex—Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Inflation Fears are Unfounded—Small Business Times
  • Reforms Needed in Banking & Housing Industry—Small Business Times
  • The Third Way Government Would Work—BizTimes
  • The Smart Money Will Be On Innovation—Small Business Times
  • Corporate Welfare Hurts Other Businesses—Small Business Times
  • Non-Point Pollution & Me – And You—Wisconsin Academy Review
  • The Dumbing Down of Medicine – How an Aging Population, Rising Demand for Services Will Affect Healthcare—Small Business Times
  • Darkest Before the Dawn—Small Business Times
  • Nurse Retention Equals Improved Productivity—Small Business Times
  • Finding Answers at Mental Health Complex—Small Business Times
  • It’s Hard to Read the Label When You’re Inside the Bottle—BizTimes
  • Women Better Suited to Management Style Change, Futurist says, Interview by Rick Wilson—Grand Rapids Press
  • Conventional Mortgage-Backed Security Pools Studied—American Banker
  • Conventionally Insured Mortgage – Backed Securities – Their Present & Future Use—Mid-Western Banker
  • Association Ties with Private Loan Insurers Face Strict Crackdowns—S&L News
  • Secondary Market Activity Brings Profits, Not Problems—American Banker

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