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The Secret to Long Life

Recently I watched a great baseball game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the LA Angels. It was a chilly and wet night after the game and there was a long line waiting for vans to take us back to the bars where we left our automobiles.

So, I started a conversation with a gent who was coordinating our rides. After a bit, he smiled at me and asked “Got any wisdom!”

I replied “Yes. Think like a futurist. Look to the future. You will never think you are old if you do that.”

He said “That makes sense, but how old are you?”

“Eighty,” I said. “My God,” he said, “you look 60.” He then took his baseball cap off and proudly showed me his fluffy white hair. “I am 70.”

It does not matter if you are liberal or conservative, but if you look to the future, you have to be an optimist.

This is my secret to long life….as well my intelligence for “hiring” parents with the right DNA.


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  1. You’re 80??? Wowza, that surprised me. I am enjoying your website and blogs! It’s easy to read, relevant, fun, and interesting! Good work 😁

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